Kazuyuki Kurashima

Character Designer & Illustrator
Born in Matsumoto city, Nagano in 1970
Graduated from Ochanomizu Art College in 1991

TV games Year Title Platform Company Position
1992 Hanjyuku Hero SNES SQUARE Monster Design
1994 LIVE A LIVE SNES SQUARE Character & Monster Design
1996 Super Mario RPG () SNES SQUARE Monster Design
1997 moon Playstation LOVEDELIC Character Design
1999 ufo Playstation LOVEDELIC Character Design
2000 Endonesia Playstation2 VANPOOL Character Design
2002 COLOBALL2002 Playstation2 VANPOOL Monster Design
2003 Mario & Luigi RPG () GBA VANPOOL Guest Monster Design & Mini games
2003 Hanjyuku Hero 3D Playstation2 VANPOOL Guest Monster Design
2006 Tingle RPG Nintendo DS VANPOOL Character & Monster Design
Titles with mark are available in US, France, England, Germany, Italy and Spain

Works as Independent Designer

TV games 2009 King Story () Wii Monster Design

TV spot "Jikochyu Fuetemasu" Character Design

Picture book "Tsukiyo no Ahoudori", published by Media Factory

CD & PV TEN PLANTS Cover art
TEN PLANTS 2 Cover art
bitter sweet PV illustration